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Order to Delivery

We like to allow at least 6 weeks from ordering your stationery to delivering it. If possible please try to order everything you need in one go to prevent items being unavailable. We will advise you of an estimated delivery time when you place your order.


If you cancel 4 weeks or less when stationery is due to be delivered, there will be no refund.

If you cancel between 4-12 weeks when stationery is due to be delivered, your refund will be 50%.

If you cancel more than 12 weeks before stationery is due to be delivered, a 20% deduction will be made from your payment less a 20% administration charge.


If you require personalised printed inserts, your proofs will be sent to you via E-mail in PDF format. It is your responsibility to check for any mistakes which may occur. Once you are happy with the proofs, we will start work on your wedding stationery once you have declared ‘I have received the proofs and wording has been checked and agreed everything is correct. You may now go ahead and start crafting our wedding stationery’

If at a later date you do find a spelling error has been made, we cannot be held responsible for this and an extra charge may be made for this, timer permitting so please do check proofs carefully.

Helpful Information

We believe that although it was the bride’s parents’ duty to send out the wedding invitations, it is now more common place for the bride and groom themselves to send them so the wording of wedding inserts reflects this.

Please make it quite clear on the wedding invitation who is and more importantly, who is NOT invited to the wedding ceremony and reception/evening reception. It is not rare for no children to be invited or to invite only closely related children.

If there is to be a dress code, please state this to avoid embarrassment.

You normally send out invitations to both sets of parents (most like to keep this as a keepsake) and to all your guests. It is polite and a lovely gesture to invite the minister and his/her other half.

If you know before sending out invitations that intended guests will not be able to attend, it is still a nice gesture to send out an invitation.

We suggest you post out all your invitations at the same time and include a date required for a response.

If guests are travelling a long distance, it may be helpful to include directions to the venue/reception. Please remember that not all guests come from the same direction so bear this in mind while doing this. A list of hotels might be another option to include with your invitation.

Special dietary requirements might be another idea and also a copy of your chosen menu.

A gift list could be added or the shop where the wedding gift list is held could be mentioned.