Welcome to jactojam where every piece of wedding stationery is hand crafted 
making each piece of stationery unique


Save The Date Card - approximate size 9cm x 6.5cm - £1.50

Wedding Invitation - approximate size 14.4cm x 14.4cm - £2.50

Evening Invitation - approximate size 14.4cm x 14.4cm - £2.50

Table Name/Number - approximate size 20cm x 20cm - £5.00

Place Card approximate - size 8.5cm x 3.5cm - £1.50 (These can be left blank or with names printed)

Favour Box - approximate size 5cm x 5cm x 5cm - £2.00


One for the girls. This consists of 2 different coloured wedding dresses which co-ordinate perfectly. 3 pearl effect beads are added as a ‘bouquet’.

Colour chart

Sage and cream

Pink and blue

Aubergine and white


Two hearts with silver/clear coloured miniature stone to the top left of each heart. This is bordered by a white background followed by an antique silver border. Beautiful.

Colour chart

Black and turquoise

Purple and pale grey

Raspberry and mauve

Bright blue and pale grey

Deep red and medium grey

Pink and dark grey

Rhubarb and custard


So simple. Blue bunting. Different shades of blues, made into bunting. I love it.


Two birds made from textured card. They may not be love birds but they are birds in love. The birds face each other with their heart beaks and tails.

Colour chart

Light orange bird with cream beak and tail

Cream bird with light orange beak and tail

Pink bird with purple beak and tail

Purple bird with pink beak and tail

Sage green bird with dusky blue beak and tail

Dusky blue bird with sage green beak and tail

Raspberry bird with green beak and tail

Green bird with raspberry beak and tail


The boys turn now. Two matching or co-ordinating bow ties with a heart in between.

Colour chart

Bright blue

Pale blue




A brown kraft or white linen envelope with butterflies and hearts. Just feels relaxing to look at this design.

Colour chart

Purple and pale blue

Raspberry and orange

Pink and mint green